50th ReUnion WRAPUP

Aloha Classmates and ‘ohana,

What a “Fabulous Fifty” Reunion Week back on Campus.  Mahalo for all your expressions of appreciation and aloha for both Mike and myself. But, I would be remiss in not mentioning the other 2 guys and the women behind them.  Walter, Eda, Simeon and Lorraine, also part of the “backbone” of our class………and it doesn’t stop there.

Do you know how awesome you all are?

-Almost 40 of us attended opening chapel and Mauna’ala (twice as many as any other class), to honor our Princess, Bernice Pauahi Bishop, whom we are indebted to for what she provided all of us. Jon’s Oli, a haku mele for our class, in itself was a beautiful ho’okupu matched by the mana’o and kupe’e haku by Lurline and U’ilani, and presented by Nalei and Jenerl (the real lifers who started Kamehameha as senior cottage babies).

40 of us stayed in the dorms, and All pitched in to help.  Kumalaes and Tongs drove up to the dorms every day (including the morning we moved out), to load/unload, replenish ice, monitor and help as needed. Hano went home every day to pick us mango, and cut some up, at least 3 times daily.  “Once a Luna, always a Luna”, Mahalo Janice for Lua check and cleaning, and Pua for all the cool signage. Gail and Blossom for taking care of TShirt distribution, lei and Na Koa Shirt Sales.

-Our Ka’ewai Stream Project, led by Alan Kumalae, made a huge impact on Kumu Faith and the kids of Stream Team.  We raised almost $700 to provide plants for the Stream and garden boots for the kids.  Mahalo to all for the lunch and snacks you provided and all who showed up to kokua on 1 or all of the 3 days.

-Our “Yes I Can” Classmates, who readily accepted any challenge/responsibility asked of them.

Noa and Tani – our Class Golf Pros who ran the ‘69 Golf Challenge.

Kimo – who donated all the golf shirts.

Bobby and Joni Willing hosted the after golf Pa’ina.

Billie G – for our “winning” TShirts and hosting committee meetings.

Pua – took on the Pauahi KS Class of 1969 Scholarship Challenge. By the end of reunion week,    we were at $9055.  We are $945 away from awarding our first Scholarship.

BobbyLu – Her Pua’a Ku won Judges Choice, a first time “Taste” trophy for the class. Mahalo

to the late night and 5:00 am cooking crew. To Caydie, Donnette, Pua, Blossom, Nalei,

Rita, Kauanoe and the rest of the Shack Building Crew Of Noa, Mugsy, Alan, Hano,

Randy….Great Job!

U’ilani – under her direction, and madrigals Nalei, Nani and Charlene, who put in days and hours of music and collaboration, our class put on another stunning talent performance.

Our practices with U’i, madrigals and Jon were fun and well worth it. We really were “The Best Costumed” and much much more. ..All 50+ of us and our support cast.

Gail and Caydie – once again, taking care of class Night Check-in.

96 attended our Class Party at Halekoa, including surprise guests Russell and Kimberly Lee, ArmaLee Holt and Robbie StSure. Ono food, music, dancing, and reminiscing, then back to the dorm to party on or to check out Jerry’s Show.

-Friday’s Bowling was a blast & Roz claimed the “winnah” status. Mahalo Kaneakuas for sponsoring this function

-We had a record showing at our photo session and over 160 represented 1969 at Lu’au. Our ‘69 hula and “mustang” dancers were awesome, as was the Kanikapila, laughter and camaraderie that filled the Dorm Lanai later and into the evening.

-Thumbs up to all who helped with cleanup and for everyone loading and packing up Sunday morning in a timely manner.

Over 30 of us attended memorial chapel (twice as many as any class) to remember our classmates who have passed and witness the beautiful “reading of names” by Sam and Theone. It was an honor and great way, no matter how dog tired we were, to end our reunion week.

-Chicken Skin Moments……

  • U’ilani’s reading at opening chapel, of Proverbs 31 Who Can Find a Virtuous Women..
  • Jon’s haku Mele and our presenters at Mauna’ala.
  • Charlene, in the hall, singing It Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You.
  • Haunani on the steps singing Days of Our Youth.
  • Mrs Powers eyes light up when Blossom presents her.
  • Russell Lee at our Photo Session.
  • The Tollefson’s Memorial reading.
  • Your many sincere and heartfelt thank yous.

-Others worth mentioning….

  • Roxie washing pots and pans bigger than her.
  • Mariane, on crutches, asking me if she can help clear the buffet Table, then actually tries.
  • Trudy, like the ever ready bunny (on speed), jumping to help everywhere, even when I woke Donnette up, to work out cramps in my legs.
  • U’ilani trying to graciously hide the fact that she’s not happy with what you just did or didn’t.
  • BobbyLu at 5 in the morning.
  • Walter with his fingers in his ears, yelling “it’s too loud”.
  • Our whole class at the dorm on our last evening……
  • …..And mahalo to Neal and wifey Ki who caught all of this on video or photo, and ….

….to Wayne for keeping us all posted on our very own imua69 website.

‘69 rocks – anyone would be proud to represent you.

My number if you’re interested 808-429-4609 🤣😂🤣,

Love you all,    —Nancy

FYI:  Our Class graduated 299.  Another 6 did not walk, but have Graduate Status.

         45 of our classmates are deceased.

50th ReUnion Highlights

This past week, more than 3,500 alumni returned to Kapālama for an action-packed week filled with ‘ono grinds, laughter, reminiscing and a great appreciation for Pauahi’s generosity. Mahalo nui to the Alumni Week Planning Committee and the over 500 volunteers for creating a memorable experience and especially  #MahaloPauahi.   The school posted the following video;

and den…
This year we’re fortunate to have a special cheerleader to document our 50th Reunion planning and ultimately the week…  Along with his wife Ki, here’s the week through the eyes of Neal Chung:

And this just in [update June 17]
video by Ki & Neal of the PotLuck at the dorms with interviews and photo slide shows:

*there’s **lots** more that came through email but the above gives you a “taste of…”