Final REHEARSAL for our Talent Night! is now pau…
( although more rehearsals during Alumni week in the dorms! )

This post Updated May 27, 2019:
Thanks to Blossom Tong & Neal Chung for providing these videos for those that could not attend the May 25th rehearsal:

The first rehearsal on May 4 was crucial to learning our specially crafted medley of seven songs to be performed at our Fiftieth Class Reunion on Thursday, JUNE 6 for the Talent Night.  Second rehearsal was May 11.
Thanks to Blossom Tong for provided videos for those that could not attend:

Final rehearsal (?) is now pau…: Saturday, May 25.  At Uʻi’s Church at 622 JUDD Street.  Rehearsal starts promptly at 10:00AM and can go until 2:00 PM. Potluck to follow!

Click Here to see and download Songsheet/Lyrics…

SEE YOU ALL AT 10:00 THIS SATURDAY. I cant wait!!!!   Hugs…
(Your Class of 1969 Talent Show Planning Committee)
Nalei (Kanoho) Harris,
Haunani Keahi (Ornales) and
Uʻilani (Murray) Lee



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