Dear Classmates,

Mahalo nui for your patience! After several months of planning, searching, writing and re-writing my planning committee has created a medley of seven songs to be performed at our Fiftieth Class Reunion on Thursday, JUNE 6 for the Talent Night.

Since we only have 10 minutes to perform, we will be doing a few lines from each song. This proved to be the best idea in order to alleviate-(make suffering or problem less severe) any difficulty in learning and MEMORIZING the songs that we have selected. Granted, there are a zillion songs out there many that we listened to and considered. We are hopeful that you will enjoy remembering the SEVEN songs that we have put together here for our medley.

Please know that we are also adding some VERY SIMPLE choreography which will enhance the songs and bring them back to life again.

We are seeking a classmate who has skills playing the GUIRO, a scraping percussion instrument used in Latino music. We also want to thank the following classmates for accompanying us with the Talent Show. They are: Charlene (Batungbacal) Campbell on the Bass, Haunani (Keahi) Ornales, Leo Cullen, Peter Medeiros and Jon Osorio on Guitars and Harry Purdy on the Spoons.

The lyrics song sheets (provided on request) also include the chords for the musicians.

Please have fun with this. Include your family in learning these Oldies. Also realize that the music of today will one day soon be “Oldies” as well. Thank you for your love and support.

Sincerely and with Aloha,
(Your Class of 1969 Talent Show Planning Committee)
Nalei (Kanoho) Harris,
Haunani Keahi (Ornales) and
Uʻilani (Murray) Lee